Prestigious Speaker Alvin Day’s Leadership Workshop in SSE

  • [2012-12-05]
  • Alvin Day, founder and executive director of the Empowerment Institute, successfully conducted a leadership workshop for SSE students an On November 28th. The motivational speaker’s inspirational workshop made riveting, inescapable impressions on about 200 students who attended the workshop.

    Before the workshop began, executive dean of SSE, Zhou Xuehai, gave a short speech to extend a warm welcome to Alvin Day. Alvin Day opened the workshop with humor and ignited passion in every students. The workshop helped students to bridge the gap between the ideals of a college environment and the realities of the working world. Alvin Day utilized a variety of learning tools: presentation, demos, exercises, storytelling and discussion.

    The workshop comprised the following four parts: A Mental Shift, Timeless Laws that Cannot Be Broken, Personal Evaluation and A Commitment to Action. The leadshipworkshop equipped students with the principles of success that are rarely found in the traditional college curriculum. Students made a discussion on the soft skills and strategies they need to negotiate their way through the working world. 

    The workshop was highly acclaimed by the students and teachers. They gained great power from the workshop and internalized the information which would be beneficial to them throughout their life. Just as Alvin Day said:” If caterpilla can fly so can I.”




    Background of Alvin Day: Founder and Executive Director of the Empowerment Institute, Alvin Day is a master of Personal Empowerment, an Executive Leadership Coach and a Motivational Speaker. He is a celebrated author and much-sought after speaker who has ignited passion in audiences of sales professionals, business leaders, corporate employees and college students around the world.


     Edited by Grace Shi


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